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Artis Freestyle Access

Complement your angio suite with wireless ultrasound capabilities

Artis Freestyle Access offers an optimal workflow for the use of ultrasound in the interventional suite. By facilitating the use of ultrasound in the interventional workspace Artis Freestyle Access expands the use of ultrasound guidance for vessel puncture, which has been shown to reduce the likelihood of puncture related complications.

Key Features

Siemens-Advanced Therapies-Artis Freestyle Access
  • Mounting of the Freestyle ultrasound unit at the back of the Artis Large Display to save space on the room floor
  • Routing of ultrasound cables through the DCS allowing for a complete cable-free solution
  • Elevated rear-mounted external antenna for improved “transducer – antenna” line of sight
  • Cable-free ultrasound probes for flexibility in scanning and simplified infection control



Siemens-Advanced Therapies-Artis Freestyle Access
  • On-probe controls for single-user operation which frees other staff members to focus on patient care
  • Automated transfer of patient information for one time patient registration and quick introduction of the ultrasound into procedure
  • Automatic transfer of ultrasound images to PACS upon study completion on the Artis system for easy and accurate documentation
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