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Achieve laboratory breakthroughs with IT

Powering Laboratory Performance—the Future of Middleware

Dr. José Luis Bedini, Head of Core Lab
Jyh-Ching Yaur, Vice President and Head of Engineering

Dr. José Luis Bedini, Head of Core Laboratory
Hospital Clínic de Barcelona

Jyh-Ching Yaur, Vice President and Head of Engineering
Automation and Informatics, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics


Learning objective: Evolving middleware capabilities in your

Imagine achieving close to 100 percent quality and efficiency, and meeting turnaround time commitments consistently. Imagine full visibility of laboratory operations in real time so you know exactly where you stand, what actions to take, and how well those actions work. This future (where laboratories achieve peak performance and the power to directly impact healthcare performance every day, on every patient) is not far away. In this white paper, Dr. José Luis Bedini and Jyh-Ching Yaur assess where middleware is today and express key changes that are taking place to make this a reality.


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