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Improve communication in healthcare

Siemens eHealth Solution

Communication inefficiencies between departments and clinical institutions can lead to a massive waste of resources and time. Necessary patient data often already exists, but the information is not available where and when it’s needed.

eHealth Solutions provide network services and applications for support of cross-institutional communication. By connecting the involved stakeholders, relevant patient data can be made available for cross-institutional treatment and all involved physicians.
The IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) standard compliant solution allows secure exchange of medical information in a scalable environment from regional to national settings.
Thus, eHealth Solutions help create effective communication, standardize quaily and synchronize processes among institutions: to improve quality, avoid unnecessary examiantions and save resources and costs.

Find out which benefits eHealth Solutions hold for you: 

Healthcare Executives and decision-makers
With about 10 years’ experience in eHealth, we have a proven approach for institutional and regional wide data networking solutions, even on a nation-wide level (Austria), which makes us absolutely unique in this field.


Access to patient centric information, also beyond imaging data for sound decisions and optimized care, across institutions

IT Administrators
Without touching the existing customer IT landscape (f.e. HIS), we are able to deliver networking solutions thanks to our high interoperability

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A smart eHealth Solution for Steiermärkische Krankenhausanstalten, Austria: eHealth IHE compliant infrastructure connecting to the Electronic National Health Record
Find out how you can benefit from our eHealth Solutions
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