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Brant Community Healthcare System

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Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) in Brantford, Canada, launched a Value Stream process to completely restructure the organization. Test volume has grown 3–5% per year for the last decade. Budgets, meanwhile, have shrunk. In response, Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) found significant opportunities to increase lab efficiency through automation. Working with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, BCHS implemented the Laboratory Automation Solution, coupled with instrumentation including the Sysmex® CS-5100 Hemostasis System* and the ADVIA 2120i Hematology System—all controlled through the CentraLink™ Data Management System.

Lab workloads reached 2.1 million tests in 2014 and continue to grow. At the same time, increasing efficiencies have put the lab on course to save approximately $400,000 a year. Although Siemens is well known in large laboratories worldwide, the BCHS system’s experience demonstrates the benefits of Siemens solutions for mid-volume labs as well…download the case study to read more685kB.

Datum: 01.10.2015

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