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BFT II Analyzer

High-performance analyzer for the low-volume lab

The BFT II Analyzer is a dual-channel coagulometer designed for the lowest volume lab. It combines the advantages of mechanical and photo-optical clot detecting principles.

BFT II Analyzer - Features & Benefits

Total efficiency

  • Stores reference curves
  • Automatic result calculation, e.g., PT in sec, % of norm/ PR/ INR, Fibrinogen in mg/dL or g/L
  • Temperature controlled incubation block for reagents and samples
  • Sample mixing during measurement



  • Light protection cap reduces the risk of user errors by keeping the pipetting channel closed unless a cuvette has been inserted
  • Built-in timer for incubation
  • Membrane keypad for easy handling of test processing
  • Pre-programmed methods


Labor and cost savings

  • Half-volume and single cuvette testing require minimal sample volume
  • Memory function for reference curves
  • As a back-up analyzer, the BFT II provides data comparable to those obtained with other Siemens hemostasis analyzers 


Siemens offers customized solutions to Power up your lab
As the largest provider of hemostasis instruments in the world, more labs entrust their patient results to Siemens than any other company. We offer choices for the right fit in your low-, medium- or high- volume lab, including high-speed analyzers to improve operational efficiency in main labs.

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