The Scope of Siemens Managed Equipment Service (MES)

Delivering Tailored Solutions for Hospitals

The Scope of Siemens Managed Equipment Service (MES)

Planning and Financing

Project and Change Management

Robust Project and Change Management processes underpin the delivery of the MES. Siemens’ transitional and operational Project Managers will provide smooth execution of the MES contract with the full engagement of all stakeholders. Regular review of the technology roadmap allows for ongoing alignment between service delivery and the strategic aims of the hospital.


Planning and Workflow

Siemens' Planning and Workflow experts optimize clinical use throughout the MES contract. In turn, this delivers minimal disruption to services and provides significant benefits for patients.



Siemens’ Healthcare Consulting Group provides management consulting expertise and services in the key areas of healthcare strategy, clinical process improvement and healthcare infrastructures.
By engaging with Siemens Healthcare Consulting early in a project, improved hospital design and equipment specification/utilization can be built in.



Having a fixed annual fee for a Siemens Managed Equipment Service (MES) reduces complexity and gives you increased budgetary surety. In addition, precious and scarce capital is freed up through an efficient, transparent financing arrangement.