Perfusion for brain lesion characterization

Alex Rovira, et al.; Hiroshi Matsuda, et al.; Laura Oleaga, et al.
1 Vall d'Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain; 2 Saitama Medical University, Hidaka, Japan; 3 Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain
 |  06.07.2009

Functional parameters and especially information on brain tissue perfusion is gaining importance in lesion characterisation. With the arterial spin labelling technique (syngo ASL), a non-contrast based method for the evaluation of brain perfusion is now clinically widely applicable and is potentially influencing imaging protocols. Oleaga et al. (case: Astrocytoma), Matsuda et al. (case: Alzheimer´s disease) and Rovira et al. (case: ITD) demonstrate in their case reports how syngo ASL is supporting the detection and characterisation of brain pathologies.