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syngo.via Frontier

Bridge the gap in post-processing translational research



1. Seamless connection between the research platform and the clinical infrastructure

  • Prototypes for different modalities can be accessed from any syngo.via client – regardless where it is installed1
  • syngo.via Frontier prototypes are running on a dedicated hardware, providing maximal integrity of both clinical and research servers and data
  • Similar User Interface for the clinical and the research environments
  • Clear visual separation between prototypes and clinical workflows: red bar “not for clinical use”
  • Prototypes are provided via the built-in Prototype Store which connects to Siemens Remote Services secure online connection
  • Easy installation and de-installation of prototypes
  • Send and retrieve data from/to your routine syngo.via system, connectivity to research PACS, and network shares
  • Label “not for clinical use” for data and images generated by a prototype and sent back to the clinical server


2. Development of new prototypes with MeVisLab based syngo.via Frontier Development Kit (FDK) for syngo.via Frontier (optional)

  • MeVisLab’s visual development environment is extended with components for integration with syngo.via Frontier, a basic application framework, basic syngo.via-like user interface (UI) elements, and development documentation
  • Algorithms may be tightly integrated through C++ wrappers into the syngo.via Frontier development environment. It is also possible to loosely integrate through command line scripting which easily allows reusing already existing modules
  • Incorporation as prototypes to the local Prototype Store for immediate access by the clinicians for evaluation and publication
  • 2-years of full MeVisLab software maintenance, extension optional


3. Exclusive access to the syngo.via Frontier forum

  • Reserved to customers working with syngo.via Frontier
  • Access to training materials, references to research articles, and Siemens R&D developers
  • Exchange of experiences, share research ideas, ask the experts
  • Support by Siemens R&D

1 Prerequisites include: Internet connection to clinical network, DICOM compliance, meeting of minimum hardware requirements, and adherence to local data security regulations.

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