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Enterprise Archiving

Powerful VNA plus sustainable archiving

About our Enterprise Archiving solution:


“What I like the most is the versatility and tight integration. It allows me to have a holistic patient-centric view of all DICOM and non-DICOM data of my patients."

Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Pierer
Head of plastic, reconstructive,
and aesthetic surgery

Vendor Neutral Archive
Universal Viewer
Universal Acquisition
Universal Printer
Universal Zero Footprint Viewer
One data management for all

Access to information and data for a patient – centrally

  • Data archiving independent of format and origin
  • Patient-centered data management allows holistic view of patients
  • Acquisition and import of different kinds of patient-related data


One clinical data management for all

  • Universal clinical data management
  • Webviewer for remote access
  • DICOM, non-DICOM and multimedia data
  • Archive consolidation across departments
  • Patient-centered data management
syngo.share overview

Easy-to-integrate information management software

  • Homogenous IT landscape
  • Integration of all systems and archives into the clinical workflow and the IT environment
  • Central clinical data management and system monitoring
  • Archive consolidation across departments
  • Flexible management of storage pools and different storage technologies


Enhanced administration:

  • Easy and quick remote access
  • Execution of statistical queries
  • Monitoring of system status of all servers within the network
  • User and role management based on existing AD/LDAP
  • Easy administration of all connected archive nodes



 Standard-based connectivity

  • Data archiving and information sharing based on HL7, DICOM, and IHE XDS/XDS-I
  • Functions for importing, exporting, routing, and sharing clinical data
  • Multi-tenancy and multi-PACS LTA
  • Central VNA for HIS/EMR integration and results distribution

Adaptable for changing needs

  • Safe and future proof investment: data archiving data along the entire lifecycle
  • Modular in design – syngo.share adapts to your needs of a growing enterprise

Access beyond boundaries

  • X-ologies data management
  • Multi-site data sharing and data management

Efficiency of one VNA

  • Efficient data sharing across the enterprise
  • Less resources and efforts to maintain disparate systems
  • Secure clinical data management
  • Saving costs by one archive for all departments
  • Efficient workflows
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