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Uncover your full potential – with teamplay

Connect, compare, collaborate.

Uncover your full potential – with teamplay

    Your data at a glance
    Anytime, anywhere1.

    teamplay is a cloud-based network that brings together healthcare professionals in order to advance medicine and human health. Be it an institution, hospital chain, or integrated delivery network, transparency to the performance is key to its success.

    teamplay brings this transparency to the modality fleet. With its built-in multi-vendor support, it grants instant1 access to fleet statistics. More crucially, it empowers healthcare professionals to identify improvement potential on all levels of execution.


    What teamplay can do for you and what customers are thinking about teamplay: 

    Note: Please contact your Siemens representative if teamplay is available in your country.

    1 Prerequisites include: wireless connection to clinical network, meeting recommended minimum hardware requirements, and adherence to local data security regulations.

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