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VERSANT HIV-1 RNA 1.5 Assay (kPCR)

Highly Sensitive HIV Viral Load Assay for use on the VERSANT® kPCR Molecular System

Optimal Assay Standardization

  • Calibration is performed during each run which provides quality results
  • Accurate calibration is achieved with efficient extraction of calibrator transcripts which are similar in size to HIV viral transcripts
  • Gold standard phosphate method is used to establish copies/mL
  • Referenced to the WHO HIV RNA 2nd International Standard (97/650) for IU/mL

Sensitivity37 copies/mL
Specificity99.7% with a 95% lower confidence limit of 99.3%
Dynamic Range37 to 11,000,000 copies/mL
LinearityThe maximum deviation from linearity at all levels of dynamic range within +/- 0.10 log copies/mL
Genotype InclusivityHIV-1 group M clades A–H, CRF, and group O

VERSANT HIV-1 RNA 1.5 Assay for quantitative measurement of HIV RNA in fresh or frozen human plasma samples

Catalog Number Description


VERSANT®  HIV-1 RN1.5 Assay (kPCR), IVDD, Box 1

(96 tests)


VERSANT®  HIV-1 RNA 1.5 Assay (kPCR), IVDD, Box 2

(4 sets Calibrators and Controls)


Assays currently available on the VERSANT kPCR Molecular System.
* IVDD, CE marked. Not available for sale in the U.S. Product availability varies from country to country and is subject to local regulatory requirements.

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