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2001: Lettie was a 26-year-old South African woman who stood on the brink of death. She was emaciated, couldn't walk and was too sick to care for her children. A government hospital diagnosed Lettie with AIDS. Lacking the resources, she was released to go home. Her village abandoned her and she awaited certain death.

Dr. Tempelman
Dr. Tempelman

Lettie's fate is shared by millions – there are 900 HIV deaths and 1,900 new infections in South Africa every day – but Lettie's life could be saved. She found Dr. Hugo A. Tempelman, who runs the Ndlovu Medical Center – a remote medical outpost more than 120 miles from the closest hospital. Dr. Tempelman is working with TOGA Molecular Biology Laboratory – one of Siemens' largest customers.

Today: Lettie is back to her normal weight and able to get around with the help of a walker. She carries a full workload as a member of Dr. Tempelman's staff in the Ndlovu Medical Center assisting other HIV-infected patients.

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