Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit

Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit

Healthcare executives thinking big about healthcare transformation

Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit

The Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit is an exclusive gathering that enables prominent Healthcare executives to think big about the Healthcare transformation. It offers a rare platform to share forward thinking ideas, connect with peers and learn from best practices.

  • Connect with peers
    Connect and network with more than 100 selected and most influential CEOs from Healthcare systems around the globe.
  • Learn and influence thinking
    Learn from best practices and share forward thinking ideas to prepare your organization for the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Interact with executive management
    Gain insights from a global player active in 75 countries through conversations with the global leadership team of Siemens Healthineers.

Coming up: Siemens Healthineers Executive Summit 2018, October 2018 in Frankfurt
Keep checking this page for updates on speakers, topics and agenda.

Participation on invitation only.

Insights from 2017

Frankfurt, October 11th – 12th 2017

Transformative changes in the healthcare field are calling for new approaches and strategies from sector participants worldwide. In Frankfurt, 50 executives and experts from around 20 countries exchanged forward-thinking ideas, connected with peers and learned from best practices.

Get the reports of the panels here:

Creating a Value-Based Healthcare Delivery SystemWhich strategies must be addressed in order to design a value-based healthcare delivery system? The report provides answer and examples of best practices that illustrate proper execution of value-based healthcare from around the world.Download 48.1 kB
Value-Based Healthcare’s Behavioral ChallengeRealizing the promise of value-based healthcare requires changes in how caregivers and other stakeholders work together throughout the health system.Download 43.2 kB
Precision Medicine & The Transformation of Healthcare DeliveryHow new care models can be established to increase accessibility and efficiency, how precise quantification and diagnosis can play a key role in the maintenance of health and the design of individualized therapy, and how digitalization will support and deliver such innovations, while supporting and enabling physicians to focus on the practice of medicine.Download 47.9 kB
Improving Patient Experience – From Initiatives to a Sustainable Culture ChangePatient satisfaction, engagement and experience: delivering patient-centric care requires a fundamental shift in how healthcare providers assess and address patient needs – and a change in the corporate culture.Download 46.1 kB