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Increase your blood gas clinical knowledge with educational programs

Siemens is committed to the continuing education needs of every member of your POC and laboratory staff.

The Siemens PEP* library focuses on topics of interest to all lab personnel and includes clinical primers designed to provide a foundation for lab and/or point-of-care personnel. The following courses are designed specifically for individuals who are new to blood gas testing. Log-in or register for a PEP account now.


In life-threatening situations, physicians need to be able to quickly assess a patient’s vital signs. Blood gas analysis is a key component of emergency diagnostic procedures because it allows physicians to quickly assess the patient’s acid-base metabolism and oxygen status.

In this course, the basic principles of acid-base metabolism and oxygen status are defined, as are the key parameters in a blood gas analysis that are used to assess them. The importance of evaluating electrolytes and metabolic functions during critical situations is explained. The tests used by physicians to evaluate these areas are identified.

Total Credits: 1
Approximate hours to complete: 1


Key components of emergency diagnostic procedures include tests that allow physicians to evaluate a patient’s acid-base metabolism, oxygen status, electrolyte and metabolic functions. In this course, the clinical significance of these measures, and the tests used to assess them, will be explained.

Total Credits: 0.5
Approximate hours to complete: 0.5


Proper sample collection and handling is important to ensure proper results in all laboratory testing but it is especially critical in blood gas analysis, where exposure to ambient air can affect oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in the blood sample. In this course, proper protocols are explained and the test methodolgy used in blood gas, metabolite and electrolyte analysis is reviewed.

Total Credits: 0.5
Approximate hours to complete: 0.5



To get started on the blood gas clinical primers described above -- or for modules covering general laboratory practices such as pre-analytical issues, pipetting, automation, quality control and safety, click below to:


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