Multix Fusion Max

Built to perform in daily radiography.

Multix Fusion Max

Get fast, high-quality images results

Deliver on-time care for your different patients, even in peak times – with great simplicity of operation and high quality MAX detectors. The digital X-ray system Multix Fusion Max1 is built to streamline your workflow without compromising on image quality.

  • More time for your patient with in-room parameter adaptation at touch user interface
  • Easy patient access with low table height
  • Up to 190 cm patient coverage with ergonomic Bucky wall stand
  • Reduced manual work steps with auto-tracking
  • No more dose than necessary: Collimator is always automatically adjusted according to the selected organ program.
  • Secure and easy positioning in free examinations with a reduced risk of detector damage
  • Great detector versatility: the wireless detectors MAX wi-Di and MAX mini2 can be used with all MAX systems

Achieve low lifecycle costs

Expect a long lifetime of your digital X-ray system Multix Fusion Max. It is built to last with intelligent solutions that help you to save costs and realize a sustainable investment.

  • Scalable system that flexibly adapts to your case mix, keeps investment costs low, and maximizes the asset utilization
  • Efficient detector sharing provides up to 100% detector utilization and solid backup solution for other MAX systems
  • Clever charging in the tray saves work time and makes detector always available

Rely on consistent performance

Count on reliable outcomes with a digital radiography system that runs smoothly day in and day out. Multix Fusion Max is built to support you to organize your department to be extremely productive.

  • Excellent and reproducible MAX image quality supports high-quality diagnosis
  • A high level of standardization lets you master your daily business quickly and reliably
  • A streamlined digital workflow and over 1,000 organ programs help to realize consistent output
  • Reliable 99,8% system availability3 thanks to 80 years of Multix brand, 75% proven high-end components from Ysio Max, and outstanding service performance


Customer Statement

Ingrid Ganser
Chief radiographer
Kardinal Schwarzenberg‘sches Hospital
Schwarzach, Austria 

"I have to be able to rely on my X-Ray systems. Any breakdowns are inconvenient. When it comes to quality and service, I can trust in Siemens."4

The MAX effect - where gains multiply

As healthcare providers are forced to do more with less, they have to run their radiology more efficiently. Combine two or more MAX systems – and experience the MAX effect: unique standardization across your fleet that lets you save both time and costs and ultimately boosts your level of satisfaction.

  • Gain standardization – leading to consistent high quality of care, fewer retakes, and faster reading
  • Gain savings – in terms of money, time, and rooms
  • Gain satisfaction – for patients, staff, physicians, and managers 

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1Multix Fusion Max is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.


3Average system availability of the current Multix Fusion Digital installed base.

4The statements by Siemens’ customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer's unique setting. Since there is no "typical" hospital and many variables exist (e.g., hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.