Multix Fusion

Fits your needs. Fits your budget.

Multix Fusion

"We went with the Fusion because it offers us the quality and flexibility we need at the price point we wanted.”2

Rick Helton, Medical Imaging Manager,
Soin Medical Center, USA


Siemens detector technology

Siemens has become a synonym for innovative capabilities and highest quality standards for over 80 years. With the latest technology and our R&D innovations you can experience excellent image quality day by day.

Wireless detector – Flexible and convenient
Multix Fusion’s detector with cesium iodide (CsI) scintillator material allows a significant reduction in dose compared to CR cassettes – without compromising image quality.


  • Wireless, 35x43 cm detector – delivering unmatched positioning flexibility, for free exposures
  • Light-weight and thin – only 3.5 kg and just 16 mm thin
  • High resolution with optimized dose – 7.6 million pixels provide brilliant images

Fixed detectors1 – Always ready for quick exams
Multix Fusion can be equipped with fixed detectors for table and/or Bucky wall stand, no need to rotate and change detectors between examinations.

  • Flexible usage – tiltable Bucky wall stand +90°/-20° with detent at 0°and 90°
  • Patient and user friendly – supplied with easy grid removal, IONTOMAT chamber and support handles
  • Automation – tube automatically follows detector movements when detector is in the vertical or horizontal plane
  • 43x43 cm fixed detector1 – always ready for standing exams with no need to rotate the detector

Automated movements – speed up your routine

Multix Fusion comes with intelligent system features for easier positioning and faster examinations.

  • Auto-tracking for tube and detector – keeps the source-to-image distance (SID) constant during height adjustments
  • Easy activation – Auto-tracking can be set on color touch display and syngo FLC with one click
  • Enhanced automation – works in table and Bucky wall stand

Intuitive color touch display – Full control at your fingertips

Operate Multix Fusion right at the tube, without having to leave the room. The intuitive color touch display allows you to set and change all key image parameters.

  • Full control at your fingertips – set key image parameters like kV or mAs right at the tube
  • Intuitive – color bars are easy to see from anywhere
  • Time-saving – no need to leave the patient

GuidedOrtho – Easy and convenient workflow

Expand the application range of your Multix Fusion with GuidedOrtho, an easy to use guidance with automation for long leg and full spine imaging.

 Multix Fusion acquires up to four images to cover the selected region, with guidance from Ortho support and composing them to a single image.


  • GuidedOrtho with automated vertical movement to assist during acquisition technique for long legs and spine.
  • Up to 4 single images can be acquired to cover selected region. Automatically composes them on syngo FLC or separate workstation.
  • Available for Bucky wall stand (BWS) with SID of 3 m / 118’’

Ergonomic table with optional fixed detector – Excellence in patient positioning

The table of Multix Fusion is designed to make life easier for your team and your patients.

  • Same table as our high-end Ysio Max system – free-floating and height-adjustable table
  • Low table height of 52 cm / 21” – easy patient access
  • High patient weight capacity of 300 kg / 660 lbs – for the small, the tall, and the heavy ones
  • Impressive 190 cm / 75” coverage – without need for repositioning

Easy-to-position tube – Excellence in patient coverage

No matter where your patients are: reach the desired position with smooth and easy operation.

  • Impressive 180 cm vertical movement – down to your patients feet
  • Robust and resilient ceiling stand
  • Tube automatically follows detector in table or Bucky wall stand

ACSS – Automated Collimator Size Sensing

Regardless if you use small cassettes or a full-sized detector – Multix Fusion detects the size and adjusts the collimator accordingly.

  • Collimator aperture automatically recognizes detector format
  • Collimation is adjusted as needed – Increased patient and staff safety

Small footprint – Save precious room space

  • Amazingly small footprint – fits virtually all existing X-ray rooms
  • Easy, time-efficient installation – cut costs even further
  • Combined with lean imaging system – one monitor, mouse, keyboard, that’s it

Seamless PACS integration – Full DICOM connectivity

Benefit from a seamless integration of Multix Fusion with existing HIS/RIS and PACS systems in your institution.

  • Easy to communicate – easy to store and retrieve images via DICOM interface
  • Ready for syngo.plaza1 – Combine Multix Fusion with syngo.plaza for high-throughput reading, storing or archiving images in daily routine.

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Multix Fusion with fixed detector(s) is not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.