Quality Control Management for Assays

Quality Control Management for Assays

Instant Access, Immediate Answers

QC Online®/RTQC WEB™ provides internet access to statistical analysis of your individual and peer group QC data on demand. Receive up-to-the-minute QC reports at any time to improve the effectiveness of your Quality Control program.*

  • Convenient web-based access allows labs to effectively manage the QC process.
  • Peer data is continuously updated, eliminating QC data submission deadlines.
  • Time delays are minimized by providing real time data analysis, allowing for corrective action intervention.
  • Easy-to-read graphic reports may be viewed online or printed locally for efficient management review.


QC Online Program Enrollment and Training Request

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If you need to contact us, please call Siemens Healthineers Technical Support at +1 877-229-3711.


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An added benefit for RAPIDComm® Data Management System Users: RTQC DATA CONVERTER

The RTQC DATA CONVERTER is a custom interface that converts QC data from the RAPIDComm Data Management System into a Real Time file. This allows for a quick and easy upload of data into the QC Online/RTQC WEB program.

The RTQC DATA CONVERTER resides on the PC or workstation and provides an effortless process for QC data conversion. This prepares QC data for electronic submission, eliminating time consuming transcription or hand keying of data.


Click on the link below to access the RTQC WEB Online Application:

Product line

*Available in the U.S., Canada, Belgium and the U.K.